Wednesday, February 22, 2006

False Securities 5

Live sound performance by Evan Tan & Zul Mahmod
Experience binaural field recordings and digitally processed sounds in a 'headphone only' environment.

Guest artist : Li-Chuan Chong (
Friday, 24 February 2006, 8pm
Fort Gate, Fort Canning Green (view attached map)
Contact: zul @ 90278 444
Tickets $10.00 at the door

Hi everyone,

We have come to the last in our series of ‘False Securities’. It has been a tiring but nevertheless rewarding and fruitful experience for us. A big thank you to the kind people who sponsored their spaces and to those who attended the past 4 performances.

For the final performance, we have invited fellow sound artist Li-Chuan Chong to collaborate with us. This will be outdoor at the Fort Gate at Fort Canning Green. We have chosen Lewis Carroll’s classic tale of Alice in Wonderland as the inspiration and theme for the night. Hopefully, it will be a nice and cool moonlit night as we walk you through the events and characters of the story in a non-linear fashion. Bring along your picnic basket and mats and share your wine with us ! We want to make this a memorable night for all who attend and for the final and last time, we would like to remind you to bring your headphones along.

See you there !

Alice in Wonderland

"In Lewis Carroll, everything begins with a horrible combat, the combat of
depths: things explode or make us explode, boxes are too small for their
contents, foods are toxic and poisonous, entrails are stretched, monsters
grab at us... Bodies intermingle with one another, everything is mixed up in
a kind of cannibalism that joins together food and excrement. Even words
are eaten. This is the domain of the action and passion of bodies: things
welded together into non-decomposable blocks. Everything in depth is
horrible, everything is nonsense... Alice progressively conquers surfaces.
She rises or returns to the surface. She creates surfaces. Movements of
penetration and burying give way to light lateral movements of sliding; the
animals of the depths become figures on cards without thickness... We no
longer penetrate in depth, but through the looking-glass, turning everything
the other way round... But the world of depths still rumbles under the
surface, and threatens to break through it. Even unfolded and laid out
flat, the monsters still haunt us." -- Gilles Deleuze, "Essays Critical and
Clinical", translated by Daniel W. Smith and Michael A. Greco.

Zul, Evan, and Chuan invite you to journey with them in the footsteps of
Alice, following the White Rabbit. Venturing into "microsound" (Curtis
Roads), "small sounds" (John Cage) and not-so-small sounds, together we
shall trace the intricate linings of night time, sample the curious fruits
of binaural recordings, and explore liminal spaces in granular synthesis.

Come join us in a mad tea-party and take advice from the caterpillar.

Uncovering False Securities by Ang Song Ming

This event is supported by National Arts Council of Singapore, The Substation, Monsoonasia Gallery, FluxUs, Spell7, Ferret Lab and National Park Board.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A Happy New Year

The next performance will be held on the 3oth Dec 2005, 8 pm to usher in the new year. It will be held in Spell7 which is in 65,Kerbau Road. See map below for directions.

Spell7 has also done an audio tour of Little India entitled "Desire Paths". For details, please click on link below :

Please don't forget to bring your headphones. Also if you are reading this and will be attending the gig, please remind us to press the record button on our MD. Thanks.

Flux Us & We Will Flux U

The 2nd gig was held at FluxUs, the infamous CD shop at Peninsula Shopping Centre. This time round we did not have any pictures at all but the turn out was quite good. Again, we forgot to press the record button on the MD which was quite upsetting as we had a really good gig and we intended to put up on our blog for downloading. Anita Kapoor, TV Host and writer was roped in to perform with us with some spoken words in a segment. Song Ming, representative from The Substation's on-line magazine wrote a review about the gig. Please click on link to read the review.

Pics From The Substation Gig

We have not been updating our blog ever since. Thanks to Monsoon Asia Gallery especially Lynette who helped us with our publicity. Some curious ones did turned up. Here are some pics from our first gig at The Substation.

The setup at the performers' area

The very complex matrix system from the back view


The box for the headphones

Close up of box where you need to plug in your phones. Notice the little black knob. That's for you to adjust your volume to your preference. Notice the stylised blur effect of picture

The audience lounge area. Dimness of the room is intended.

Unfortunately, we did not have a photographer during the performance so we did not have pics taken. Also we did have a minidisc hooked up to the system for recording but we forgot to press the record button. So there. No samples of the night's performance as well. Thanks to the people who attended our maiden gig.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

False Securities

Photography by Amos Wong

Live sound performance by Evan Tan & Zul Mahmod

Experience binaural field recordings and digitally processed sounds in a ‘headphone only’ environment.

Any expression within silence evolves as characteristics of an infinity of all chances of sound. Elements of nature at their most fundamental level of pulsing energy.

In our daily lives, we need to focus on our immediate surroundings. As a result, we instinctively filter out background sounds or ‘noise’ that we do not need for information. This has deprived us of receiving certain 'data'. Data of sounds that we have either abandon or are not aware of. Data waiting to be discovered, investigated and understood. Sounds that connect us to the world that we live in that evokes emotions in our sub-consciousness.

In this series of 5 performances entitled ‘False Securities’, we attempt to create evocative and involving listening to confront or remind the listener of this loss of data. The performances will consist of binaural field recordings and digitally processed sounds in a ‘headphone only’ environment. Binaural recordings make use of microphones placed in the ears. To an extent, it reproduces the effect of hearing sounds in a person, given the 360° nature of how human ears pick up nuance in the sound waves. These recordings are only effective using headphones.
Through deep listening, the audience interacts by perceiving these sounds as to where they originate from as they discover and experience new places. To counteract with these binaural recordings of nature and surrounding environment as reality in sound, electronically processed "unheard" sounds will be interjected to create a juxtaposing experience to deviate, distract and provoke an intuitive reaction to the soundspace to create a sublime auditory experience.

Headphones will NOT be provided for the performances. Those that are interested to attend, please bring your own headphones. We do not recommend using earphones.

28 October 2005, 8pm

The Substation, Classroom 1,

Armenian Street

T: 6337 7535

25 November 2005, 8pm

Flux Us, Peninsula Shopping Centre, #04-34

30 December 2005, 8pm

Spell#7, Little India, 65 Kerbau Road

27 January 2006, 8pm

Monsoonasia Gallery, 14A Everton Road

24 February 2006, 8pm

Fort Gate, Fort Canning Green